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UnParallel Regulus Shoe
  • UnParallel Regulus Shoe
  • UnParallel Regulus Shoe
  • UnParallel Regulus Shoe
  • UnParallel Regulus Shoe
  • UnParallel Regulus Shoe
  • UnParallel Regulus Shoe



My vote: None ( 4.5 avg )


The Regulus is our stiffest downturned shoe providing both comfort and absolute precision for any angle and all styles of climbing. The unlined synthetic upper provides a soft feel on foot while maintaining a perfectly snug and secure fit. The full RH rubber sole and stiff midsole provide exceptional edging ability and the extended rubber over the toe box provides extra friction for toe hooking. The highly tensioned heel and sling shot rending locks your foot into the shoe providing extra power and bomb proof heel hooks.

Retail price

US$ 156.65

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Weight 483 g

Single : 241.5 g / 8.5 oz
Pair : 483 g / 17 oz
(we converted ounces to grams)


Closure Type Slipper 1 Velcro closure
Gender Men
Volume High
Sizing Information US sizes 5-14, including half sizes.
­Image icon unparallel_shoe_size_chart.jpg
Best Use (Highest Performance) Trad / Crack
Sport / Face
Asymmetry Aggressive
Tongue Details not provided by the brand
Last Details Shape: Downturned (performance)
Construction: not provided by the brand
not provided by the brand
Upper Material not provided by the brand  Synthetic Suede
Midsole Material not provided by the brand
Sole Material 4.2 mm  RH Rubber
Rand: not provided by the brand
Footbed Lining


Other Shoe Versions male female
( 5 avg )
( 5 avg )

Great all arounder

Great toe hooks
Great heel
hard rubber
Narrow opening
High tension heel can make getting on tough
Hard to warm in cold weather
Long break in
I’ve used it a bunch
After buying and reviewing this shoe the first time, I've now become an employee, but this is a slightly more descriptive version of the first review I did prior to employment.

I waited to review so that I could give these things a good break in period. That being said, it has been a LONG break-in period. The rubber is definitely on the harder side, and for some reason has taken considerably longer to break in than shoes in the past..

That being said, I love these. The rubber on the top is soft enough to deform for your toes and not lock them into a semi awkward position. The synthetic upper has allowed the shoe to fit the same as the day they came put of the box, so they’ve kept that performance fit (but don’t downsize too much! They are a smidge narrow).

They're hard enough that they offer a lot of support, but warm up soft enough to be fairly sensitve too. I've used them on overhangs to great success, but have also used them on slab/vertical terrain with good results. For reaaly friction slab, they are clearly not really a contender, but for small holds and crystals, they work quite well!

I love the rubber. I’ll say, I didn’t right out of the box, it is stiff and wasn’t super sticky right off the bat (and, being stiff, I didn’t get the flexibility out of the sole I was used to), but it has broken in well and has lost all of the initial slickness I experienced.

My biggest complaint, honestly, is that the straps are a little long, so, even cinched up, they dangle over the edge of the velcro and can catch on things and stuff.. Not a big thing at all, but, I find it sticking to my chalkbag a lot… Also, the rubber, being quite hard (not stiff, per se) can be a bit of a pain in cold weather. If you do not warm it up well/keep it warm, it is quite hard and can be skatey. Not a huge issues for most people, since no one likes to wear cold shoes, but it should be known. 

All in all, a great shoe of great quality. I love the shoe, the toe hooking in these things is phenomenal (there are little slices in the toe rubber in the PERFECT spots). I’m also a huge fan of the heel. It might be a bit narrow for others, but it fits me perfectly and I’ve cranked on some sketchy heels in them and have not slipped once!

Climbing Gear Review no rating given just a review

Working off the tried-and-true, radically downturned, single-strap-closure template, Unparallel has created a fleet gym/bouldering/sport-cave shoe with power and precision on its mind. “The Regulus really stood out at Wall of the Nineties in Clear Creek Canyon, Colorado, where decades of climbing have left the footholds glossy and polished,” said our tester, who plied the boots on the thin, gneissic edging of Ten-Digit Dialing (5.12c). “The (shoe) might as well have been Velcro the way I was pasted on.” Sizing tightly, our tester noted an aggressive fit that drove his big toe down and in, for “expert control even on faint footholds.” This did, however, come at a price, and the Regulus, like many shoes in its genre, is really only meant to be worn in short bursts—boulder problems and short, steep sport routes—and can be unwieldy for full-foot smearing. Heel hooking scored very high marks, as did toe scumming and heel-toe cams thanks to the hyper-large scum patch/rand, which wraps back nearly halfway over the shoe. “This shoe will be extremely popular with those looking to climb steep boulders and walls outside,” concluded our tester.

UK Climbing Gear Review no rating given just a review

Competitively priced at £110, this is a bargain for an all-rounder that can be used for nearly everything. The build quality is top-notch; the traditional weak points on rock shoes such as the lacing system, the pull tabs and the rubber's edge show very little sign of wear.

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