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Five Ten Arrowhead Climbing Shoe
  • Five Ten Arrowhead Climbing Shoe
  • Five Ten Arrowhead Climbing Shoe
  • Five Ten Arrowhead Climbing Shoe
  • Five Ten Arrowhead Climbing Shoe Front
  • Five Ten Arrowhead Climbing Shoe Back
  • Five Ten Arrowhead Climbing Shoe Outsole



My vote: None ( 5.2 avg )


Arrowheads are gently downturned synthetic shoes. Because of their conservative downturn, Arrowheads can be used advantageously on a variety of rock angles. With Stealth® Onyxx™ outsoles, Arrowheads exhibit extreme durability and provide an exceptionally stiff platform for edging.

Retail price

US$ 175.00
Award Image
Weight 522 g

Single : 261 g / 9.2 oz (Size 9)
Pair : 522 g / 18.4 oz (Size 9)
(we converted grams to ounces)

Closure Type 2 Velcro closures
Gender Unisex
Volume ­
Sizing Information US sizes : 6-13UK sizes : 5-12
­Image icon Five-Ten-Shoe-Size-Chart.jpg
Best Use (Highest Performance) Sport / Face
Asymmetry Aggressive
Tongue Details not provided by the brand
Last Details Shape: Downturned (performance)
Construction: not provided by the brand
not provided by the brand
Upper Material not provided by the brand  Cowdura (man-made synthetic suede)
Midsole Material not provided by the brand
Sole Material not provided by the brand  Stealth® Onyxx™
Rand: not provided by the brand
Footbed Lining not provided by the brand
 STEALTH ONYXX™ Technology


The new standard in high friction rubber, ONYXX™ has unbeatable hardness for precision edging, stickiness for friction and exceptional durability.

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Outdoor Gear Lab Gear Review rating 4.1/5

These shoes are ideal for standing on small footholds that require precise toe placements. Unleash them on your projects with tiny edges, knobs and pockets. This is a great shoe for extremely thin vertical rock to about 45 degree and steeper sport climbs and boulder problems. They are a bit too expensive for average gym climbing and a bit too specialized with a tight fitting toe for general all day face routes or trad climbs.

UK Climbing Gear Review no rating given just a review

In summary for the Arrowhead, I think it's a solid all round performer, which fits neatly into the niche between the and Anasazi line and the Dragon and Team shoes. I'd recommend you try them if you have a narrower foot or are looking for something which will adapt pretty well to whatever terrain you can throw at it.

Climbing Gear Review no rating given just a review

As one tester put it, this shoe “crushes every angle of rock.” The Arrowhead is a moderately downturned version of the best-selling Anasazi VCS—stiff enough for extreme edging, yet sensitive enough to grab holds on steeper rock. The tensioned heel is rubber-coated, and a high rand of Stealth Mystique rubber surrounds the shoe, offering superior hooking and scumming. The arch is higher than in previous Anasazi models, which eliminates bagginess underfoot. Two hook-and-loop closures secure its vacuum fit. Testers called the 3.5mm Stealth Onyxx rubber on the sole “durable and very sticky.” The synthetic upper, lined with a brushed microfiber, will limit stretch and dry quickly, while a split, padded tongue adds a final touch of comfort. We climbed extensively in more than a dozen new shoes for this issue’s reviews, and the Arrowhead hit the bull’s eye.

Arrowhead Shoe

Watch Five Ten Athletes climbing wearing Arrowhead and Hornet shoes.

Arrowhead Shoe Review
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