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Black Diamond Aspect Climbing Shoe
  • Black Diamond Aspect Climbing Shoe
  • Black Diamond Aspect Climbing Shoe



My vote: None ( 4.9 avg )


Built to handle endless splitters of the Creek, cragging days at City of Rocks and the notorious slabs of Little Cottonwood Canyon, the Aspect is an engineered trad climbing machine. Designed with fine, durable leather, our innovative NeoFriction Force rubber and an Engineered Knit Technology tongue, this flat-lasted, slightly asymmetrical lace-up is perfect for plugging gear at the cliff.

Whether teching your way up a run-out granite slab or hucking laps on the splitters at Indian Creek, the Aspect is an engineered trad climbing machine. Built with the highest grade European leather upper, the Aspects balance comfort with performance using innovative designs that subtly set it apart. Lace up a pair and you’ll notice that the leather upper slightly covers the laces on the outside of the foot—specifically designed for protection during abrasive jamming. The shoe’s tongue is made from our Engineered Knit Technology, which adds breathability and comfort. The knit also extends to the outside of the shoe to just under the rand line to offer extra padded protection for foot jams. The lateral stabilizer rands increase precision by keeping your foot from rolling when pressure is applied to the outside or inside edges. The Aspect’s stiff and durable NeoFriction Force rubber is unique in that it’s molded—inspired by the way we forge our carabiners—and not cut from one sheet of rubber. This is our engineered solution to optimize our shoe’s rubber and rands for weight, consistency and comfort. The Aspect's medium-flex midsole adds support without sacrificing comfort. So next time you’re eyeing that trad line, consider the Aspects a part of your rack.

Retail price

US$ 159.95

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Award Image
Weight 516 g

Single : 258 g / 9.1 oz
Pair : 516 g / 18.2 oz

Closure Type Lace
Gender Unisex
Volume Average
Sizing Information US Men sizes 4-15
­Image icon black_diamond_shoe_size_chart.jpg
Best Use (Highest Performance) Trad / Crack
Asymmetry Low
Tongue Details Engineered Knit Technology tongue
Last Details Shape: Flat (comfort)
Construction: Slip Lasted
not provided by the brand
Upper Material not provided by the brand  Highest grade European leather
Midsole Material not provided by the brand  Medium flex
Sole Material 4.3 mm  NeoFriction Edge Rubber
Rand: not provided by the brand
Footbed Lining


( 6 avg )
( 6 avg )

All-star trad shoe

Superb crack climbing shoe
Good performance with smears and edges
Quality rubber
Not as expensive as other similar shoes
Difficult to fit into thin cracks
I’ve used it a ton
I live in the Midwest so a lot of my experience is on single-pitch routes

I'm on my third pair of Aspects, they are without a doubt my favorite shoe. I bought my first pair not long after they were released and was able to use them 3-4 days per week for 14 months before they bit the dust (holes in the leather).

I recently sent my second pair in for resoling, and my third pair that I bought last November is still going strong. These shoes fit my feet the best of every shoe I have ever used. Once they're broken in I can wear them for hours with no discomfort. There's an audible suction sound in my heel when I put them on, and they snugly hug the rest of my feet. In my experience they expand between a half and a full size, so buying them a bit tight is my recommendation. These things dominate cracks and slabs. The rubber isn't as sticky as some, but it's quality and seems to last forever. The protective leather strip over the laces is a nice touch that seems to help with durability and comfort when jamming. These shoes don't do as well in finger cracks though, because of their stiffness and size of the toe. They also seem to glom onto small edges. Definitely consider these if you're looking for a good shoe for long trad routes.

Outdoor Gear Lab Gear Review rating 4/5

The trad and crack climbing shoe scene has been dominated by the TC Pro for several years now. That's starting to change as several companies have added their own stiff-soled, high-top mimics. Black Diamond's contribution, the Aspect, is a great addition and worthy of consideration for those desiring more sensitivity or a low-top design that's less likely to irritate their Achilles tendons.

UK Climbing Gear Review no rating given just a review

Overall this is a great entry level rock shoe. It comes in at an excellent price and is likely to be found comfortable by many. It is soft in use without a really sticky rubber, so it won't be what you are after for top end climbing; but for long days on multi-pitches, or for users who just prefer a bit of comfort in a hard wearing rock shoe, the Momentum is well worth considering.

Climbing Gear Review no rating given just a review

A fluent, versatile, hard-wearing low-top trad shoe with great foot protection and a rounded toe best for cracks. The Aspects tend toward stiff and take break-in for smearing, but are reliable edging monsters—on a Boulder Canyon thin-face 5.11+, one tester felt like he could “stand for hours,” then segued into a second-pitch 5.11 layback crack with no problem.

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