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Grivel Sport Stealth 18cm Quickdraw

Sport Stealth 18cm


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Sport climbing quickdraw, with Stealth standard-gate and bent-gate carabiners.

The new Sport Stealth uses the homonymous carabiner with the famous and unmistakable Grivel multi-faceted “stealth” design.
The Stealth carabiner is especially designed for sport climbing and it features a large opening of the lever together with a straight nose to ensure an easy and fast clipping, with minimal wrist rotation.

The sling comes in two lengths: 13 and 18 centimeters; the sling is wide to offer you an optimal grip and excellent durability.
This quickdraw, specifically designed for sport climbing, matches perfectly the Grivel Trend collection.

Retail price

US$ 28.99
Weight 105 g
Dogbone Size 13 cm long, ­
Dogbone Material Polyester­
Dogbone Strength (kN) ­
Top Carabiner Stealth Straight Gate - K16S -
US$ 15.99

Grivel Stealth Straight Gate - K16S Carabiner
Bottom Carabiner Stealth Bent Gate - K16B -
US$ 15.99

Grivel Stealth Bent Gate - K16B Carabiner

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Grivel Sport Stealth Quckdraws