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Skots Wall Gear Adjustable Daisy
  • Skots Wall Gear Adjustable Daisy
  • Skots Wall Gear Adjustable Daisy
  • Skots Wall Gear Adjustable Daisy
  • Skots Wall Gear Adjustable Daisy
  • Skots Wall Gear Adjustable Daisy

Adjustable Daisy


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These function exactly like metolius easy daisies but use a 1” flat webbing. They have been pull tested by Yates Gear and have a breaking strength of 10kn..!! If you use daisies as leashes for your ladders and leave them extended when leading these are for you. Stronger than metolius, lighter than Yates….
NO, they don’t easily release under tension.
Use these for positioning on belay and jugging.

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US$ 30.00

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Weight (g) 105 g
Daisy Type

Daisy Types

Fixed Length

Fixed Length Daisies are usually made of one closed loop of Nylon or Dyneema with several gathered pockets (or loops) sewn along its length. Though this type of daisy is usually very strong end to end, its pockets are not stitched to hold a fall and are intended to only hold body weight. Daisy chains should never be used as a personal anchor or as any part of PPE.


Adjustable Daisies are a single flat piece of webbing with a built-in adjuster so they can be shortened and lengthened as needed during an aid climb. Their slide buckles make them infinitely adjustable to any length and they tend to be less bulky as there is only one clip-in point on the end. Like all daisies, these are only made to be progress capture devices for aid climbing and should never be used as an anchor or as PPE as their buckles will not hold more than body weight.

Adjustable Length
Length ­
Daisy Loops 0
Loop Strength unknown
End-to-End Strength 10 kN
Material(s) Nylon

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