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Neilico Nut Tool
  • Neilico Nut Tool
  • Neilico Nut Tool
  • Neilico Nut Tool
  • Neilico Nut Tool




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- Unique offset gets deeper in cracks while keeping your knuckles away from the rock.

- 8.6" long to get into tough to reach places, especially useful for retrieving cams that walked. Did someone say booty?

- Lightening holes in the handle keep the tool top-heavy. Great for transferring force and unseating passive pro with just a few taps.

- Each tool features a LASER CUT HEART!!! Show your belaytionship partner that you love them, even after you've yarded on that offset nut, scared out of your mind while cruxing out over the abyss.

- Cut from 316 Stainless steel. 

- Designed and manufactured in the USA.

- Hand stamped logo.

Retail price

US$ 21.95

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Weight (grams) 46 g
Wiregate Clip No
Palm Protector No
Length (cm) 21.8 cm
Leash No
Certification ­

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