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OUTMōRE 2-Pack Sling
  • OUTMōRE 2-Pack Sling
  • OUTMōRE 2-Pack Sling
  • OUTMōRE 2-Pack Sling
  • OUTMōRE 2-Pack Sling
  • OUTMōRE 2-Pack Sling
  • OUTMōRE 2-Pack Sling

2-Pack Sling


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The Rock Climbing Gear Organizer is the simple solution for keeping your carabiners, quickdraws, shoes, chalk bags, and more all in one place and ready to go climbing. Hang the slings at home and bring them with you to the cliffs. These slings make picking up and moving between climbs quick and easy. Spend less time re-racking gear and more time climbing!

Velcro Neoprene Handle:
The velcro handle adds comfort when carrying your equipment and makes it easy to add and remove slings from the group. The organizer is great for grabbing gear between climbs, storing at home, or pulling out of your backpack as easy as possible.

Segmented Loops:
Durable tubing makes clipping and unclipping equipment onto the gear sling incredibly easy. The segmented loops allows for maximum organization by keeping gear grouped on their own loop. The loops also make accessing gear in the middle or your rack simpler than other gear slings.

Distinct Colors:
With two unique colors, color coding your gear has never been easier! These colors are great for grouping gear by type or by discipline, and they help keep track of what gear belongs to who when out in the wild with friends!

No matter if you're a climber, a mountaineer, or a canyoneer these slings will help you get and stay organized. If your favorite activity involves carabiners, then this sling is for you!

Retail price

US$ 22.99
Weight (g) 64 g

Gear Sling Type

One Shoulder

One shoulder gear slings are designed to be worn over a shoulder or across the body. They can have one or more sewn or reinforced loops for racking and storing climbing gear such as cams, carabiners or quickdraws.

Two Shoulder

Two Shoulder gear slings are worn like a backpack or chest harness. Their gear loops tend to hang under the arms near the rib cage and they can comfortably carry very large amounts of gear. These are typically used for big wall climbing and might incorporate a built-in bag or pockets for carrying hydration bladders, snacks and other equipment.


Handle style gear slings are made for sorting and organizing gear between climbs. They are designed to be more effective than a sewn sling at keeping gear separated and contained while in your bag or at the base of the wall at the crag. They are comfortable to carry and can be made of nylon, wood, or plastic with reinforced loops of rope, webbing or cord attached.

One Shoulder
Gear Loop Details

Gear Loops

Gear Loops

A gear loop is a sewn, coated or otherwise reinforced portion of webbing on a gear sling specifically for racking climbing gear via carabiners..

6 gear loop


Multiple Sizes

Some gear slings come in more than one size. For people with above or below average torso sizes, having multiple sizes to choose from can really help with comfort and to ensure a proper fit.

One size only


Accessory Loops

This feature allows the addition of more gear loops to hold more gear, or to be pared down to a simpler form if you don’t need the rack space. A modular gear sling is great to have when you don’t know how big a rack you need to carry from one crag to the next.

Closable Pockets

Some two shoulder gear slings take advantage of the extra real estate across the back by adding zippered pockets for carrying small loose items, clothing or emergency gear. The ability to stash a small bottle of water and a snack to enjoy at the end of a long aid pitch can’t be underestimated.

Multiple Sizes

This gear sling comes in more than one size. For people with above or below average torso sizes, having multiple sizes to choose from can really help with comfort and to ensure a proper fit.

Adjustable Length

Many gear slings are made with a buckle to adjust the main length of the sling. This can be helpful for climbers with particularly long or short torsos or a wide chest to be able to rack comfortably.

Sewn Daisy Loops

Sewn Daisy Loops are gathered sections of webbing usually sewn onto the shoulder pad of a gear sling. These form attachment points that can be handy for temporarily clipping gear or items out of the way while racking or for hanging the rack from anchors when you’re not wearing it.

Hydration Compatible

A pouch area inside a zippered pocket designed to hold a hydration bladder. There is usually also a slot sewn in the pouch that allows passing the drinking hose through so you can drink hands free while climbing

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Splits into two slings
Pocket(s) No pockets
Accessories -
Length Fixed length


Strength Rating

Some brands take the time and effort to find out how strong their gear slings are by testing them. Because there are no UIAA or EN certifications for this gear type, there is no uniform testing methodology. We share the manufacturers findings in kN to help users know how much weight a gear sling is expected to be able to carry and not its ability to function as PPE.

No stated strength

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