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G7 Hand Jam Crack Gloves
  • G7 Hand Jam Crack Gloves
  • G7 Hand Jam Crack Gloves
  • G7 Hand Jam Crack Gloves
  • G7 Hand Jam Crack Gloves
  • G7 Hand Jam Crack Gloves
  • G7 Hand Jam Crack Gloves
  • G7 Hand Jam Crack Gloves
  • G7 Hand Jam Crack Gloves
  • G7 Hand Jam Crack Gloves
  • G7 Hand Jam Crack Gloves
  • G7 Hand Jam Crack Gloves
  • G7 Hand Jam Crack Gloves Size Chart

Hand Jam


My vote: None ( 4.4 avg )


Constructed from a single piece of thin Italian suede, the HAND JAM molds to your hands forming a perfect fit and provides uncompromised balance between protection, breathability, friction, and warmth. The HAND JAM is for all day wear, it provides protection when jamming and offwidthing, and is unobtrusive when face climbing or mixing free with aid. We selected a high grade Italian suede, similar to that used on the best climbing shoes. It is durable and comfortable. The perimeter of the HAND JAM is reinforced with a high strength laminate to ensure that the wrist strap and finger holes do not fail. The thin leather allows you to feel the rock and climb with confidence while being protected from abrasion. This is essential when climbing many crack pitches or multiple days in a row. 

Measure: Palm circumference — just below the knuckles, hand should be relaxed.

Fit: Secure when hand is closed jamming, relaxed when hand is open.

Stretch: The leather will soften and mold to your hand like a new pair of climbing shoes — becoming uniquely yours.

Retail price

US$ 85.00

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Weight (g) 46 g
Closure location

Closure location

Inside or Outside

Crack gloves close around the wrist typically with a velcro-like strap which lays either on the inside of the wrist (the palm side) or the outside of the wrist (the back of the hand). Most gloves close on the inside of the wrist where the closure is more protected from coming undone while jamming, though some manufacturers choose to close on the back for a lower profile closure that is more comfortable against the softer inner arm.

Inside wrist
Thumb Coverage

Thumb Coverage


Crack gloves are made with different types of cracks and rock in mind. Some manufacturers have begun building greater thumb protection into their designs which can be beneficial if you are climbing wider cracks where fist-jamming is common. We consider thumb coverage to completely cover the knuckle and at least part of the first digit of the thumb. If only part of the knuckle is covered it is considered partial.

No, doesn't cover thumb knuckle


Strap Coverage

Strap coverage refers to the wrist closure strap having a built-in place to stow once it is closed. This feature is included on some gloves to help avoid the strap being opened when you don’t want it to be.


If the manufacturer claims no animal products were used in the production of the product.

Not applicable
< 17.4 cm / < 6.8"
17.4 - 19.5 cm / 6.8 - 7.6"
19.5 - 21 cm / 7.6 - 8.2"
21 - 23 cm / 8.2 - 9"
23 > cm / 9 >"

WeighMyRack Tips:

Runs Big, stretches a lot. Can be fitted to brand recommendations, but use caution if you are on the lower end of your range. Oversized gloves have resulted in rolling and pinching the back of hands in wider jams. 

Will stretch like a leather shoe and mold to the hand pretty well over 8-10 pitches or so.


Glove Materials

Main Glove

This refers to the material or materials that make up the main body of a crack glove. This is usually either a form of natural or synthetic suede, synthetic material or combination of both. This may include the materials used to make holes or loops for fingers but should not be confused with the Backing material that is added on the back of the glove for contact with the rock.


This is the material that crack glove manufacturers adhere to the back of the glove to add friction and padding between your hand and the rock. This is usually some form of rubber or synthetic rubber compound and can be in very thin to relatively thick, although not all crack gloves have backing material.

Main Glove: Italian leather, nylon lining
Backing: None
Thickness Brand Thickness: 1.1mm ­
WeighMyRack Says Good on splitters and craggier cracks where tape isn't enough padding. We also found it has slightly more friction than tape, but lacks the structure from rubber for complex jams that other models offer. Thinner jams take some wriggling from glove 'baggy-ness' when gloves are more broken in, but perform adequate to good, especially when undersized. Broken in glove can feel baggy in larger pods with wider hands or thin stacks. Performed moderately well until cracks begin to flare. The grip of leather works surprisingly well on slippery rock type when dry, but the lower padding means more pain on sharp cracks. Warm on cold days, and wick moisture well on sweaty days.  

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WeighMyRack Gear Review First Hand Review

The G7 Hand Jam are a good option for those who aren’t looking for sticky rubber, padding or structure. Like all crack gloves, they are way easier to deal with than removing all you knuckle hair or for those with allergies to tape; those needing more than skin coverage from a glove might do better with a bit more structured glove.

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