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Moreover, its versatile design enables attachment to belay stations in four different directions, providing unparalleled flexibility for multi-pitch climbs. This way, the Pinch offers a 90-degree turn at the belay station. Due to its almost symmetrical design, the Pinch can also be operated by left- and right-handed people. Furthermore, the device is double-certified and can be used for rope access and route setting. "The Pinch is simply the most versatile device out there now and can be..." go to full review

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We've really rated the Origin VS. Its last means that it should fit just about everyone (no guarantees - do try them for yourself) and the fact that it's comfortable yet still manages to give a good level of performance makes it really appealing for indoor bouldering, whether you're an outright beginner of just a fan of non-crippling footwear. The blend of features, such as the super sticky sole and toe patch, also mean that it's future-proofed for when you begin to move up through the..." go to full review

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Helmets have come a long way in recent years. What was formerly considered lightweight is now midweight, and the current lightweight ones have got even lighter. The latest iteration of the Vapor weighs just 155g, making it one of the lightest climbing helmets ever made. For someone that started climbing wearing a 455g Ecrin Roc, this is fairly mind-blowing, but it does come with some caveats, with the main one being "be careful", because great though they are, the modern breed of..." go to full review

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So far, besides dirt, there is no visible wear, but I've only been using the Moe 3R for about the last seven weeks, in which time I've done about 20 routes outside in it, and probably a similar number at the climbing wall. I've noted above that the Edelrid Sendero has been one of my favourite ever harnesses, but it has also worn more than any other harness I have used. None of that wear has been in safety critical areas, but more the material they chose for wrapping the waist belt and leg..." go to full review

rating 5/5

The Booster is a soft, precise climbing machine. It excels at climbing overhangs, roofs, and small holds in steep terrain. It was a joy to test these shoes on classic European limestone routes, and they even surprised us by performing well on more vertical granite faces. But it's important to point out that the Booster is really a specialized shoe – and a very expensive one, at that – specifically designed for steep climbing. It doesn't edge super well compared to other shoes we've tested,..." go to full review

rating 4.1/5

After a month and dozens and dozens of pitches, the Aspect Pro climbing shoe from Black Diamond proved to me that climbing shoes can be comfortably padded without sacrificing the performance of the shoe. If you are looking for your first pair of crack climbing shoes then the Aspect Pros are an excellent choice to help ease the discomfort often caused by jamming your feet into cracks. go to full review