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Omega Pacific Dura Draw
  • Omega Pacific Dura Draw
  • Omega Pacific Dura Draw Gym Pro Carabiner
  • Omega Pacific Dura Draw Installation Date

Dura Draw

Omega Pacific


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The new Dura Draw is a combination of the all-steel GymPro bent wiregate carabiner, a proven Screw-Link connector and a swaged, galvanized steel cable, covered with UV-defying, black tubing, all designed to withstand years of repeated use.

Unique to the Omega Dura Draw is the installation label attached to each Dura Draw. At installation, mark the date with a permanent pen —put a slick of clear tape over it to ensure longevity—and climbers for years to come will know when ‘draw arrived on the scene, eliminating one of the most fearful questions any climber has ever asked, "How old is this thing I’m about to trust my life to?"

Retail price

US$ 18.95

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Weight 280 g
Dogbone Size ­16 mm wide
Dogbone Material ­ (swaged, galvanized steel cable)
Dogbone Strength (kN) 22 kN
Top Carabiner Screw Link -
US$ 5.25

Omega Pacific Screw Link Full View
Bottom Carabiner Gym Pro -
US$ 13.25

Omega Pacific Gym Pro Full View

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WeighMyRack Gear Review in-depth technical review

At $18.95 a pop, the Dura Draw can feel pricey. But if you were to buy the steel carabiner and mallion separately, you’re already over $19, so you’re essentially getting the swaged, galvanized steel dogbone for free. And in this case, we feel the price reflects the value. The easy-to-clip wiregate carabiner and the long-lasting cable dogbone make it an obvious choice for steep sport routes or convenient single-pitch anchors.