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Omega Pacific Solution Nut Tool


Omega Pacific


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The Solution brings together every vital ingredient a nut tool must have. It's thin enough to retrieve impossible gear. The working end features a dimple to rest against stubborn Wedgies to pop them loose. There's also a hook for pulling on unreachable trigger bars. There's even a little nub that's perfect for pulling on the cavity of cam's lobe. The opposite end is flat, instead of rounded, so you can strike it to free a frustrating nut or stopper. The Solution also features a 1/2" wrench for loose bolts. Best of all, the Solution can open up a celebratory post-climb beverage!

Retail price

US$ 15.95

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Weight (grams) 42 g
Wiregate Clip Yes
Palm Protector No
Length (cm) 21.0 cm
Leash No
Certification ­
Features of Omega Pacific Solution Nut Tool

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Climbing Gear Review

Nut tools of yore had one main goal: remove stuck gear, specifically passive gear like nuts, which rely on wedging and being somewhat “stuck” for their strength. After several decades, though, it’s clear that we climbers uses these little sticks for far more than just taking out nuts, but their design has not updated along with their usage. Omega Pacific stepped up to the plate by making the Solution, which features a flat end for hitting nuts, a small nub that fits into the slots of a cam lobe, and a ½” wrench for tightening loose bolts. “Hello, can you say genius?” one tester said of the Solution after using the two-sided pronged end to clean out a crack of moss and dirt. Convenient carabiner clip goes right on your harness or a sling, and at 1.4 ounces, it weighs about the same as a large non-locking carabiner. Another reason to salute the designers: It doubles as a bottle opener for your post-climb brew.