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Edelrid Nineteen G Carabiner
CAMP Nano 22 Gray
CAMP Nano 23 Full View
Metolius FS Mini II Carabiner Full View
GrandWall Papoose Carabiner Blue
Metolius FS Mini Carabiner Full View
Cypher Mydas Full View
Edelrid Mission Full View
Mammut Wall Silver
Grivel Plume K3W Full View
Black Diamond Oz Carabiner
Petzl Ange S Full View
DMM Phantom Carabiner Silver
Wild Country Astro Tech Wire Full View
CAMP Photon Wire Bent Gate Carabiner
CAMP Photon Wire Straight Gate Blue
Trango Phase Bent Wire Full View
Trango Phase Bent Wire Full View
Cypher Ceres II Full View
Trango SuperFly Wire Full View
Trango Phase Straight Wire Gray
Metolius Bravo Carabiner Full View
Mad Rock Ultra-Light Full View
Grivel Plume Straight Full View
Kong Argon Wire Full View
Mad Rock Ultra-Light Bent Full View
Fixe Minor
DMM Alpha Light Full View
Omega Pacific Vulcan Infinity Full View
Cypher Firefly II Wire Gate Carabiner
Fixe Minor Bent
Singing Rock Vision Bent
Climb X Ultra Bent Gate Carabiner
DMM Spectre 2 Silver
Mammut Bionic Evo Wire Full View
Singing Rock Vision
Wild Country Helium Clean Wire Full View
Climb X Ultralight Straight Gate
Cypher Echo Wire Gate Carabiner
Climb Tech Reposado Straight Wire
GrandWall Malamute Carabiner Blue
Edelrid Pure Wire Full View
Omega Pacific Lava Full View
Petzl Ange L Full View
Climb Tech Reposado Bent Wire
Grivel Sigma Full View
DMM Alpha Trad Full View
Climb Tech Anejo Wire
DMM Alpha Trad Silver
Omega Pacific Dash Full View
Simond Rocky Wire
Wild Country Nitro Tech Wire Full View
Metolius Inferno Full View
DMM Shield Full View
Cypher Electrolite Wiregate Full View
Cypher Electrolite Wire Bent
DMM Prowire Full View
CAMP Photon Straight Gate Carabiner
Black Diamond Neutrino Carabiner
Kong Argon Full View
DMM Thor Carabiner
Rock Empire Superlight Carabiner
Trango Smooth Wire Full View
CAMP Photon Bent Gate Carabiner
Cypher Dragonfly Wire
GrandWall Skaha Carabiner
Grivel Gamma K2W Full View
Grivel Plume NUT K3N Full View
Black Diamond Hoodwire Full View
Omega Pacific Dash Full View
Black Diamond Hotwire Full View
Trango SuperFly Bent Full View
Trango SuperFly Full View
CAMP Orbit Wire Straight Gate
Mad Rock Super Tech Keylock Bent Full View
Cypher Firefly II Straight Gate Carabiner
Cypher Vesta Wire Gate Carabiner
Wild Country Wild Wire Full View
CAMP Orbit Bent Wire Gate Full View
Edelweiss Sonic
Mad Rock Super Tech Keylock Full View
Grivel Plume K3G Carabiner
Kong Argon Wire RF Full View
Petzl Spirit Straight Full View
Edelrid Pure Straight Full View
Ocun Wire Gate
Climb X Tech Straight Gate Carabiner
Petzl Spirit Bent Full View
Edelrid Pure Bent Full View
Mammut Bionic Evo Keylock Full View
Metolius Bravo Keylock
Cypher Dragonfly Bent
Climb X Tech Bent Gate
Cypher Electrolite Bent
ABC Electrolite Carabiner
Cypher Echo Straight Gate Carabiner
Cypher Dragonfly Full View
Mammut Bionic Evo Keylock Bent Full View
Cypher Electrolite Full View
Trango SuperFly Screwlock Full View
Climb Tech Blanco Bent Gate
Simond Rocky
Climb Tech Blanco Straight Gate
Kong Ultratop Wire Full View
Cypher Vesta Bent Gate Carabiner
DMM Phantom Screwgate Full View
Cypher Firefly II Screw Gate Carabiner
Tendon Ultratop Wire Bent
Fixe Orion
Edelrid Pure Slider Locking Carabiner
Stubai Ice Clip Full View
Kong Ultratop Wire Bent Full View
Kong Argon Screwgate Full View
Cypher Vesta Straight Gate Carabiner
Mammut Classic Keylock Full View
Fixe Orion Bent
CAMP Photon Screw Gate Carabiner
Orbit Bent Gate
Stubai Ice Clip Bent Full View
Trango Neo Classic Wire Full View
Simond Rocky Bent
Tendon Ultratop Wire
Singing Rock Extasy Wire Bent
DMM Shadow Full View
Mammut Element Steel Keylock Full View
Trango Smooth Bent Gate Carabiner
Mad Rock Super Tech Keylock Screw Full View
DMM Shadow Bent Full View
Metolius Bravo Carabiner Full View
Singing Rock Extasy Wire
Mammut Crag Full View
Edelrid Pure Screwgate Full View
Faders Plus Wire
Mammut Element Keylock Bent Full View
Edelweiss Top C
Faders Plus Wire Bent
Ocun Straight Gate
Climb X Tech Screw Lock Carabiner
Edelweiss Top D
DMM Alpha Pro Full View
Ocun Bent Gate
Petzl Djinn Bent Full View
GrandWall Cheakamus Carabiner Blue
Cypher Electrolite Screw
Camp Orbit Full View
DMM Alpha Clip Full View
Faders Petit Dru Wire Bent
Climb Tech Blanco Super Light Twist Lock
Black Diamond Nitron Full View
Petzl Djinn Straight Full View
Trango React Bent Full View
Trango React Straight Full View
Black Diamond OvalWire Full View
Black Diamond Nitron Straight
Faders Petit Dru Wire
Petzl Spirit Screw Lock Full view
ABC Electrolite Screw Full View
Trango SuperFly Screwlock Full View
Stubai Rock Clip Full View
Electron Straight
Ocun Bent Gate K-Lock
Black Diamond Livewire Carabiner
Cypher Echo Screw Gate Carabiner
Simond Rock Screw
Electron Bent
Stubai Rock Clip Bent Full View
Ocun Straight Gate K-Lock
Black Diamond Dynotron Full View
GrandWall Tantalus Straight Carabiner
Trango Neo Classic Bent Carabiner
Mammut Crag Keylock Bent Gate
DMM Aero Full View
Singing Rock Extasy Bent
Wild Country Ion Full View
Singing Rock Extasy
GrandWall Tantalus Bent Carabiner
Climb Tech Anejo Bent Keylock
Trango Neo Classic Carabiner
DMM Aero Bent Full View
Mammut Crag Keylock Straight Gate
Climb Tech Anejo Straight Keylock
Trango Smooth Screwlock Carabiner
Grivel Alpha K1S Full View
Cypher Vesta Screw Gate Carabiner
SMC Light D Full View
Cypher Dragonfly Screwgate
Fixe Phoenix
Fixe Ura
Proton Bent
Kong Argon Bent RK Full View
Fixe Phoenix Bent
Fixe Ura Bent
Proton Straight
CAMP Orbit Screw Gate Full View
Omega Pacific Five-O Wire Full View
Black Diamond Positron Bent Carabiner
Petzl Spirit Bent Full View
Grivel Beta K1B Full View
Cypher Cicada Full View
Petzl Spirit Full View
Cypher Cicada Bent
Black Diamond Positron Straight Carabiner
Trango React Screw Full View
Black Diamond Light D Full View
Faders Plus
Wild Country Helios Carabiner Gate Closed
Cypher Stonefly Full View
Simond Spider
Black Diamond Nitron Screw Full View
Simond Spider Bent
Kong Ultratop Full View
Omega Pacific Lite D Full View
DMM Revolver Full View
Tendon Ultratop Bent
Kong Ultratop Bent Full View
CAMP Orbit Twist Lock Full View
Faders Plus Bent
DMM Shadow Screwgate Full View
Faders Petit Dru
Mad Rock Oval Tech Full View
Black Diamond Vaporlock Screwgate Full View
Faders Kyros Bent
Faders Petit Dru Bent
GrandWall Tantalus Screw Carabiner
Singing Rock Extasy Screw
Ocun Screw
Mad Rock Oval Tech Screw Full View
Omega Pacific Classic Bent Full View
Omega Pacific Keylock Full View
Climb Tech Anejo Featherlight Screw
Omega Pacific Classic Full View
Omega Pacific Keylock Bent Full View
Wild Country EOS
DMM Sentinel Screwgate Full View
Faders Kyros
Climb X Oval Tech Carabiner
Kong Ergo Full View
Tendon Ergo
Trango Neo Classic Screwlock Full View
CAMP HMS Nitro Full View
Petzl Attache 3D Full View
Tendon Ergo Bent
Grivel K1N Full View
DMM Shadow Quicklock Full View
Petzl Attache Full View
Black Diamond Positron Screwgate Full View
Kong Ergo Bent Full View
Faders Petit Dru Screw
Black Diamond Magnetron VaporLock Carabiner
Mad Rock Ultra-Tech Screw Full View
Kong Ultratop Screwgate Full View

There's more than just carabiners

We bare it all, from the basic climbing essentials to all the active and passive protection (trad gear). Most gear types have 50-200 options, too much to make a quick decision. That's why we provide lots of filters, to narrow down the choices based on your gear needs. Click a gear type below to get started.

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It can be helpful to get a second opinion, especially from folks who specialize in climbing gear. We've found all the top gear reviews, and show them to you on the individual product pages.

Alpinist Mountain Standard Award
American Alpine Institute Guides Choice Award
Climbing Magazine Editors Choice Award
Gear Institute Best in New Gear Award
Gear Junkie Best in Show Summer Award
Outdoor Gear Lab Editors Choice Award
Rock and Ice Best in Gear Award

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The next gear types going up are ice and alpine climbing gear and rock shoes.

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